Celebrating Individuality Gender Neutral Sustainable Salon

Hey babe, your hairs alright
Hey babe, let’s go out tonight

Freedom feels good. The team at etcher know that your hair is an expression
of your truest self, so why shouldn’t you feel free?

Etcher is creating hair that frees you up to be you. Dare to show up as your beautiful self, and let go of the illusion that your hair is for someone other
than you. Prepare to have your hair celebrated as our industry leading
stylists bring the magic.

Step into our eclectic space, curated to enlighten our team and clients with hand-picked artworks and finishings from Adelaide’s most fun craftspeople and artists. We’ve just started the party and with a stellar line up of stylists on deck, we want to share the goods with you.

Give those locks the kind of TLC they deserve. Set yourself free.